Pallavi Swadi is a former finance professional turned designer whose attention to detail, passion for minimalist looks, and a sharp focus on quality inspired her to build two timeless and impactful brands.

Pallavi's global exposure at Fidelity Investments, her extensive stint with sustainability at WBCSD, coupled with her impressive business acumen, led her to fill the white space for a quality kid's clothing line with COO COO. Her belief in less is more was also extended to her eponymous clothing label, PALLAVI SWADI.

A true-bred entrepreneur and not one to be bogged down by the lockdown, Pallavi decided it was essential to solve the discomfort of masks in the market. She worked on creating the signature PLV mask that is elegant, uber-comfortable, yet protective. Apart from the COO COO & PALLAVI SWADI clientele, the PLV masks are being worn by employees from numerous leading Indian companies to keep themselves safe. Thus, with a firm belief, one can truly succeed in what they put their mind to; the determined Pallavi aspired to follow her heart and create products that are always looking to make a difference.