In the current environment the usage of masks is critical to protect people interacting in close proximity.

One the biggest challenges of wearing masks available in the market is lack of comfort. 
It is hard to wear masks for long hours and people are not wearing them continuously because they are uncomfortable to breathe in.

The plv mask has been designed, tested and manufactured to ensure protection and comfort for long periods of time so that office and factory workers can have a comfortable protection option during their commute and when at work.

There are different types of filters being sewn into fabric masks like metal blown filters, non-woven polypropylene filters & hvac filters. The reason we decided not to add a layer into our masks is that there is not enough testing done of these materials or their efficacy. Some experts say that these filters are meant for single use only and that their efficacy is compromised once they are washed.

The disposable traditional masks are creating a huge environmental impact. We have developed a sustainable option by offering a fabric mask that is washable & reusable for upto 1 month.
As part of our commitment to give back to the community we are donating 5% of the total sales proceeds of your order to an ngo of your choice.